Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise

UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
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Mission and Priorities

We are a partner for innovative entrepreneurship.

We strive to develop key partnerships—with other North Carolina universities, state and federal government agencies, and private industry—that will connect entrepreneurs, researchers, leaders, organizations and residents, create new ideas and entities, and accelerate economic growth. As an independent, nonpartisan organization, the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise is in a unique position to engage others and build bridges for innovation, particularly among the life sciences, physical sciences and applied sciences. These collaborations will translate research into impactful economic growth and job creation for our state and beyond.

Priorities for our work

With our focus on research-based ideas that lead to high impact, we have these priorities:
Connect people and organizations
Foster a vibrant and powerful network of entrepreneurs, researchers, inventors, and global citizens within UNC-CH and throughout the state
Leverage crowd-accelerated innovation and plug in to global markets
Seek diversity; maximize our collective potential
Create opportunities and resources
Support self-reliance, remove gatekeepers and help partners access resources
Attract external resources for and with partners
Enable all to be entrepreneurs–help leaders and organizations find the tools for their success
Accelerate people's achievements
Help identify enhancements, improve processes and support transformation to multiply the impact and scale of our partners
Follow when others lead, lead when called to leadership, and listen always

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