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Bayard Love

Bayard Love

My Background: I grew up and graduated from high school in Portland, Maine. I spent junior year of high school studying in Spain and returned for another year as an English teacher (and bartender) between high school and college. I received my B.A. in Latin American Studies from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Before coming to Chapel Hill, I spent 4-1/2 years in New Orleans, Louisiana where I was part of a team that founded and developed a community health clinic that is still in operation today. All of my immediately family is still in Maine within 20 minutes of where I grew up, with the exception of my sister, who lives in Guatemala City.

Career Path: As an undergraduate I applied and was accepted into medical school. Rather than join the medical profession right out of college, I deferred my admission and went to New Orleans, Louisiana as a post-Katrina volunteer. Initially I intended to volunteer for a number of weeks; in the end, I stayed for four and a half years! I became part of the leadership team that founded a street-side first-aid station, which we developed into a permanent and fully functioning primary care clinic. During that time, I declined the offer to attend medical school and discovered a passion for community development, leadership, organizational development, and the intersection of the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. In 2006, I also began my work as a trainer with a national training organization that works with agencies, organizations, and companies who want to eliminate disparate outcomes based on race and income. I still organize and conduct trainings on a part-time basis.

While at Kenan-Flager, I hope to combine my leadership and community experience with quantitative analysis and business expertise to increase the scope and depth of my work. I plan to pursue a career in management consulting, where I can build a network and skill-set to eventually get back into the area of social equity and sustainability on national and international levels.

Interests and Hobbies: Traveling, singing karaoke, playing the piano, cooking and eating, dancing, swimming, biking, studying the history of social movements, and hanging out with my nephews.