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Financial Times

Aerotropolis economic zones brace for take-off

Jack Kasarda's research on the aerotropolis is taking form at several airports. (May 28)

Associated Press

London airport expansion plan threatens neighboring villages

Jack Kasarda discusses the role airports play in global business. (May 25)

The News & Observer

To be economically competitive, NC must win the war for talent

Jim Johnson writes about the need to address geographic disadvantage and enhance the state’s attractiveness.

(April 12)


Welcome to the aerotropolis

Cities that put airports at their center are climbing ahead of the pack, says Jack Kasarda. (Nov. 25)

The New Yorker

Sir Walter Raleigh and the uncertain future of space travel

Brent Lane of the Carolina Center for Competitive Economies is a scholar of the explorer Sir Walter Raleigh has pondered the parallels between those 16th century sea voyages and 21st century space exploration. (Nov. 6)


The payoff power of weak connections

A profile of strategy/entrepreneurship professor Jim Johnson showcases his career spent in research and action on urban problems. (July 1)

Triangle Business Journal

Millions being left on table by N.C. businesses

Director of the Carolina Center for Competitive Economics, Brent Lane, studied a tax break proposal, allowing for an estimated 250,000 small businesses to exempt their first $50,000 in business income from their state tax liabilities. Lane has predicted that the legislation could create as many as 3,600 jobs. (Sept. 21)

The New York Times

Connecticut Looks to Airport as a Business Draw

Strategy/entrepreneurship professor Jack Kasarda recognizes the role that airports will play in urbanization in the future: “Leaders recognize the airport and its built-up areas are primary business assets to compete in the 21st century.” (Sept. 4)

The News & Observer

Joe DeSimone to head Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise

Chemistry professor Joe DeSimone is announced as the new director of the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise. Triangle Business Journal also featured the story. (July 16)

Yahoo! News Indonesia

Abad 21 Era Ekonomi Berbasis Penerbangan

Jack Kasarda, strategy/entrepreneurship professor and Kenan Institute director, comments on the future “flight-based economy” during his appearance at the Global Airport Indonesia video conference. (June 27)

ABC 11

Armed Forces Salute: Greg Fontaine

Greg Fontaine (MBA ’12), a West Point graduate and veteran of three combat deployments, heads the N.C. chapter of Team Red, White and Blue. The nonprofit helps veterans transition successfully from military to civilian life by pairing them with a local support person and using physical fitness to engage veterans in being part of a team. (June 25)

Triangle Business Journal

Budget writers nip at edges of incentives

Carolina Center for Competitive Economies director Brent Lane discusses his jobs creation estimates. (June 15)

ABC 11

Armed Forces Salute: Nick Black

Nick Black (MBA ’13), former Army ranger, talks about founding Stop Soldier Suicide, which connects soldiers and veterans to free mental healthcare. (June 11)

The Street

Houston: You Blew It on United Hub

Strategy/entrepreneurship professor Jack Kasarda defines “great cities” based on the presence of an international airport with non-stop flights. (June 11)

The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

Living in the jet stream

Strategy/entrepreneurship professor Jack Kasarda’s aerotropolis concept is examined in a discussion surrounding Sydney airport. (May 20)

The News & Observer

GOP ad attacking Democrat Walter Dalton distorts truth

A study by Carolina Center for Competitive Economies director Brent Lane and senior research director Jason Jolley on sales tax in North Carolina is cited in this discussion of various claims made in a GOP television commercial related to the N.C. governor’s race. The Winston-Salem Journal also ran the article. (May 15)

The New York Times

Map’s Hidden Marks Illuminate and Deepen Mystery of Lost Colony

Carolina Center for Competitive Economies director Brent Lane, serving as a member of the board of the First Colony Foundation, discovered a clue to the Lost Colony while examining a watercolor map in the British Museum’s permanent collection. The discovery received significant national and international press coverage, including articles in The Economist, USA Today, Associated Press, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Charlotte Observer and The Telegraph (U.K.). (May 3)

The News & Observer

State, Cherokees reach accord on gambling

Strategy/entrepreneurship professor Steve Appold comments on the new agreement between North Carolina and the state's Cherokee Indians on the types of games permitted in N.C. casinos. This story also ran in the Charlotte Observer. (Nov. 29)

Yahoo! Finance

Bankrupt American Airlines says your frequent flier miles are safe

Strategy/entrepreneurship professor Jack Kasarda stresses the importance of American Airline preserving customers' frequent flier miles despite the company’s financial issues. (Nov. 29)

Times of India

All aboard the aerotropolis

Strategy/entrepreneurship professor and Kenan Institute director Jack Kasarda discusses his aerotropolis theory. (Nov. 12)

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