Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise

UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
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Partnering for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Kenan Institute helps UNC-CH faculty identify compelling ideas, and translate those ideas into reality. We work to build teams and connections between faculty research groups, students and industry. Our work extends beyond the Chapel Hill community to other state universities, as this collaboration is vital to drive economic development.

Technology Commercialization Carolina

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This resource for all UNC-CH entrepreneurial activities provides a full range of assistance to transform innovative ideas into technology driven products. We work with novice to expert entrepreneurs, offering:
  • A project coordinator to help navigate the process from beginning to end and across all UNC-CH departments.
  • Analytical reports on patent landscapes, technical literature, and potential licensees and customers.
  • Real-time consulting on the market, industry, and competitors.
  • Referrals to university contacts for Conflict-of-Interest issues within UNC-CH and with grant funding agencies.
  • Assistance in applying for grants and other funding.
  • Recommendations to partners for prototyping.
  • Introductions to a network of mentors, partners and C-level executives.
  • Advice from experienced entrepreneurs and leading academics on a business development plan.
  • Space for collaborating and working with advisors.

Center of Sport Business

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Our interest in the discipline and performance of sport is based on the recognition of its importance as a critical economic driver and marketing mechanism, particularly in our region; the values it represents (teamwork, discipline, drive, leadership, role playing, fairness), and the opportunities available to all students regardless of experience and socio-economic background. We welcome partnership (instructors, experiential education, focus groups, pitch judges or advisors) with entrepreneurs–from start up to mature–to help Kenan Institute Sport achieve its mission. These efforts include:
  • A track in Sport Entrepreneurship under the UNC-CH College of Arts and Sciences Entrepreneurship Minor which includes four courses and an internship.
  • A study of the economic impact of sport in our state through an inventory of North Carolina sport-related businesses.
  • A Basketball Analytics Summit to foster collaboration and identify best practices among business professionals, researchers and students around the growing role of big data and analytics.

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For more information, visit us on the web at

The Institute works with regional business, community and academic leaders to accelerate economic growth and create jobs through innovative business development strategies.