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What We Do

The Center for Air Commerce offers services that help clients leverage their aviation assets for competitive advantage.

Our clients are airports, economic development agencies, governments, air commerce-related companies and real estate developers.

We work with them to transform airports and surrounding areas into economic engines that improve the quality of life for their communities.

We offer:

  • Thought Leadership and Education — Director John D. Kasarda, who defined the “aerotropolis” concept, advises air commerce professionals and governments around the world, publishes extensively and presents his findings at symposia, conferences and publications.
  • Strategic Visioning — helping air commerce leaders see the way the world of air commerce is going and strategically position themselves to capitalize on it.
  • Airport City and Aerotropolis Development —  From concept to infrastructure design, helping airports, governments and companies decide where and how to grow and develop commercial areas within and around airports.
  • Logistics Design — Identifying and integrating new technologies to help airports and companies streamline systems and processes, from tracking and handling cargo to managing customs operations.
  • Research and Economic Studies — Conducting research, data collection and trend analysis in such areas as logistics, trade flows and airport growth to help organizations manage the critical issues of competitiveness and development, and assessing economic trends and community impacts.
  • Network Development — Helping airports, shippers and service industries build and develop mutually beneficial global air commerce networks and airport-system linkages that integrate customer services, manage logistics, cross-market to key customers and maximize economic development impact.

For more information, contact center director John D. Kasarda at (919) 962-8201 or .