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Every parent wants their child to find employment after college, but not every college graduate is ready for immediate employment.

The online UNC Business Essentials certificate program can help your child succeed after graduation by giving him/her a solid understanding of business fundamentals.

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Give your student the key business skills they need to succeed after college with the online UNC Business Essentials certificate program.

UNC Business Essentials teaches key business skills and allows your student to start work after graduation with confidence. And unlike typical business management programs, the course content of the online UNC Business Essentials certificate program was designed specifically for non-business majors like your student.

UNC Business Essentials differs from typical business management programs in other ways as well. UNC Business Essentials is an affordable investment in the future of your student with no travel costs or residential requirements. This flexible online program is designed to allow students to work based on their own schedule without interrupting their day-to-day activities. Upon graduation of the program, students gain a UNC Kenan-Flagler business certificate which helps them stand out as they navigate the increasingly competitive job market. Help your student jump-start his or her career with the UNC Business Essentials business certificate program.

Key Benefits of Our Business Certificate Program

  • Rigorous training in key business principles to broaden skill sets and enhance overall understanding of how businesses function
  • Valuable exposure to multiple industries and professions to facilitate making the best career choice
  • The convenience of online business courses that your student can adapt to his or her schedule
  • Online tutors, office hours and message boards available for reliable and consistent support and performance tracking
  • Networking opportunities and exposure to contemporary business topics to support your student’s learning and professional development
  • Recognition by recruiters who understand the practical value of the business knowledge obtained from UNC Business Essentials
  • Addition of a business certificate from the acclaimed UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School to your student’s resume

    Learn more about how UNC Business Essentials can help your student succeed.  Call 1-866-821-9458 to learn more.

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The UNC Business Essentials program costs $2,500.