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Open Enrollment Programs

Developing Leadership Presence

  • Dates:    November 30-December 1, 2017 and June 28-29, 2018
    Tuition:  $3,000

    Confidence. Vision. Integrity. Courage. Perseverance. These are some of the traits that successful leaders possess. While knowledge and experience are critical to success in business, truly gifted leaders are recognized through their words and actions. Leaders must have a highly developed self-awareness, and they must also connect with others in a meaningful and authentic way. These characteristics embody true “leadership presence,” and leaders can learn and put into practice these important communication attributes. Leadership presence is, in part, a projection of values and conviction, and it requires honesty, trust, and confidence. How leaders look and sound has a profound impact on the image they project, and this image can either strengthen or weaken their ability to inspire and motivate an audience. In this Developing Leadership Presence program, you'll have the opportunity to explore, develop, and refine your leadership presence so that you can lead more effectively in your organization.











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  • The Developing Leadership Presence program  has been developed for:

    • Business leaders who want to become more self-aware and connect more sincerely with employees, associates, teams, customers, and management
    • Senior managers and professionals who are often called on to present to various audiences such as employees, clients, and executive boards
    • Leaders who want to be more self-confident, effective, and successful
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  • Participants of this Developing Leadership Presence program will:

    • Identify and employ proven psychological and physical confidence-building methods
    • Develop a deeper understanding and awareness of how presence can reveal one's leadership abilities
    • Gain knowledge of how effective leaders use presence to communicate, influence, and inspire
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  • In this Developing Leadership Presence Program, participants will:

    • Examine theory and best practices of presentation, body language, and awareness
    • Develop effective strategies for presenting information in a motivating manner to specific audiences
    • Practice  confidence-building techniques
    • Identify and rehearse 'best practices' for cultivating confident body language and vocal quality
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  • The Developing Leadership Presence program features:

    Heidi Schultz, Ph.D., is a Professor and Area Chair of Management and Corporate Communicatin at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

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  • The Developing Leadership Presence program is held at the Rizzo Center, our world-class facility in Chapel Hill, NC. The Rizzo Conference Center was designed to foster executive management education and is wired for business so we can integrate new technologies into our teaching methodologies.

    This program can be delivered to individual teams or business units, either at our facilities in North Carolina or anywhere in the world. This program can also be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.« PrevNext »
  • Below you will find links to additional information on the Developing Leadership Program open enrollment program:

    Program Brochure for the Developing Leadership Presence program

    Sample Schedule for the Developing Leadership Presence program

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