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Sales Management

  • Dates:    May 25-27, 2016
    Tuition: $4,500

    Achieving efficient sales results in an increasingly competitive world is a difficult task. Only by establishing a modern sales force management system and by selecting and training effective sales management personnel can today’s firm compete effectively in the field. Our program is an effective sales management training tool that leaders can utilize to better manage their organization’s sales force.

















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  • This Sales Management program is for high-potential and mid-level managers or directors who:

    • Have a minimum of five years of experience
    • Are concerned with the translation of their marketing strategy through a sales force
    • Have a direct responsibility for the organization’s selling efforts
    • Are involved in sales team management
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  • In this Sales Management program, you will learn how to:

    • Design your sales force management system based upon your marketing strategy
    • Organize your sales force to get superior results while keeping head count down
    • Put the right people in the right job
    • Manage sales force turnover to your firm’s advantage
    • Maximize your sales training dollars through the content, frequency and length of your sales training opportunities
    • Compensate your people to achieve maximum motivation from the money spent
    • Use the proper measures to control, evaluate and motivate your sales force
    • Motivate your sales force using involvement, trust and pride
    • Select, develop and train an effective field sales management organization
    • Use automation where it counts
    • Keep your sales force small while achieving big results
    • Adapt your sales force efforts to the special needs of the major sale
    • Develop an effective sales lead management system
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  • Our Sales Management program incorporates the following key concepts:

    The importance of sales people in today's environment

    You will gain a deeper understanding of the peculiar nature of the selling job and develop a scheme for analyzing sales force issues related to market strategy implementation.

    Superior Salespeople: What Are They Like?

    You will take a look at how the act of selling has changed from the past and how it will change in the future. You will hear about the modern sales personality and the characteristics of super salespeople, and you will discover how high performers differ from average performers. It will become evident why hiring the right person results in peak sales performance, and you will understand how and why sales management has evolved over the years.

    The Sales Climate: Critical Importance of Effective Field Sales Management

    You will determine whether your sales management team is effective and who should be on this team. You will take a look at best practices in field sales management training and review what methods leading companies incorporate into their training efforts. As you identify the characteristics of effective sales management, you will define the sales manager's job and review the importance of knowing when to get out of the salesperson’s way to allow each individual to get his or her job done.

    The Sales System: Its Elements and Its Design

    You will review three basic sales management questions: What must my salespeople do? What must my salespeople know? What must my salespeople be? In this module, you will also learn about the individual elements of the sales system: organization, deployment, selection, training, compensation, control and evaluation.

    Selecting, Finding and Training Superior Salespeople

    You must be able to understand and correctly define the sales job in order to effectively match specific people to the specific needs of the job. You will learn to look for recruits inside and outside of the firm and incorporate business sales training into your sales management efforts. In your effort to find and keep superior salespeople, you will have to tackle dealing with incompatible demands.

    Sizing, Organizing and Deploying the Sales Team

    You will learn about new tools for handling complexity in a large, varied sales team and how to understand the inherent tradeoffs in each decision.

    Motivating, Compensating and Evaluating Sales People

    You will need to identify what really counts to your sales force, in addition to money, and to measure the proper result. You will review the pros and cons of current sales management strategies on motivation, compensation and evaluation.

    Managing the Major Sale

    You will review how sales management’s tasks change with major sales in complex selling environments.

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  • This Sales Management program is held at the Rizzo Conference Center, our world-class facility in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The Rizzo Conference Center was designed to foster executive management education and is wired for business so we can integrate new technologies into our teaching methodologies.

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