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Business and Human Resources: Leading HR and Your Organization into the Future

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    UNC Executive Development is not offering the Business and Human Resources program in 2015. We regret any inconvenience and encourage you consider participating in the Executive Development Institute.

    The Business & Human Resources program is a business program for senior HR professionals. It is designed to provide senior HR leaders with the most up-to-date business knowledge and skills needed to operate in today’s rapidly changing, global business environment. While not designed specifically for human resource professionals, the Executive Development Institute also offers the critical knowledge and skills HR leaders need to move their organizations forward.

    The business world is changing - globalization, economic downturns, demographic shifts, talent shortages, increasing regulation, and new technologies - all leading to global, business innovations that impact the workplace. More than ever, senior HR leaders and managers need to understand how developments in the external environment impact their organizations as they are called upon to make human capital decisions that drive their organizations’ top and bottom lines.  The Executive Development Institute provides a broad business perspective to help HR leaders navigate the modern global business landscape.

    Both the Executive Development Institute and the Business and Human Resources program are delivered by an international business school faculty with global expertise in strategy, accounting, finance, operations, marketing, and business innovation. By working with business faculty from outside the human resource management area, participants will discover new areas where they can provide expert advice to their business leaders.

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  • Senior HR leaders who want to:

    • Add to their understanding of the business principles and emerging trends that are shaping the future of global business
    • Find more ways to be responsive to changes within their organizations and in the external, global environment
    • Constantly gather and use information to make the most informed business decisions
    • Develop greater proficiency in communicating in the language and methods of business
    • Learn how to effectively make the business case to achieve buy-in and support from key stakeholders
    • Consult with business leaders around strategic decisions that have human capital implications
    • Build human resource management processes and programs that demonstrate measurable business outcomes
    • Demonstrate the value that HR brings to the organization
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  • Senior HR leaders will learn how to:

    • Work effectively with their business leaders towards making impactful changes
    • Maintain a focus on what is important rather than on what is urgent
    • Develop solid human resource management ideas and practices that will payoff for the firm
    • Frame ideas effectively so that they will sell in the C-suite
    • Connect HR metrics with firm metrics that count
    • Increase HR’s relevance and influence in the firm by understanding the importance of human resource management
    • Reshape the HR function into a world-class service organization
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    • A strategic human resource management action plan that can be implemented immediately upon returning to the office
    • A solid understanding of a company’s (profit and non-profit) financial information
    • A framework that will help you sell your strategic human resource management ideas to your CEO and CFO
    • A network with other senior HR leaders where you can share and learn about strategic challenges
    • A safe environment to discuss pressing human resource management business issues
    • The opportunity to learn from your peers and other human resource management professionals
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  • The Business and Human Resources program features many esteemed members of the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School faculty. Listed below is a sample of the faculty and topics that are typically included in the 5 day human resources training program.

    Sridhar Balasubramanian, PhD, is a professor of marketing who teaches about the objectives, opportunities and challenges of managing the HR-Marketing interface.

    Linda Bowen, PhD, is a professor of accounting who focuses on financial reporting and analysis for human resource management professionals in this program.

    Peter Brews, PhD, is a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship who examines business in a global, post-Industrial world.

    Wendell Gilland, PhD, is an associate professor of operations who teaches about designing, managing and improving operations.

    Christian Lundblad, PhD, is as associate professor of finance who concentrates in the global economy and international finance.

    Atul Nerkar, PhD, is a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship who teaches about corporate vision, strategy and performance.

    Adam Reed, PhD, is an associate professor of finance who discusses the evaluation of business decisions in this program.

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  • The Business and Human Resources program is held at the Rizzo Conference Center, our world-class facility in Chapel Hill, NC. The Rizzo Conference Center was designed to foster executive management education and is wired for business so we can integrate new technologies into our teaching methodologies.« PrevNext »
  • Below you will find links to additional information on the Business and Human Resources open enrollment program:

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