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Alumni Profiles

  • Jeb Terry

    Jeb Terry

    MBA 2011
    CEO and Founder, GridIron Grunts

    "The collaborative effort between the student body and faculty at UNC Kenan-Flagler has created a learning environment that is second to none and has exceeded all of my expectations."

  • Zac Frost

    Zach Frost

    MBA 2011
    Associate, Lazard Freres & Co.

    "UNC Kenan-Flagler was very welcoming to me and my family. I felt like we had a support network, and it started before we even arrived."

  • Ed Hubbard

    Ed Hubbard

    MBA 1995
    Founder, United Devices, Inc.

    "When you start a company, you find out the next day you're in charge of sales. I tell students in the MBA Program that if they don't have a sales background, go learn something about sales."

  • Brent Callinicos

    Brent Callinicos

    BSBA 1987, MBA 1989
    VP and Treasurer, Google Inc.

    Strategic Advisor, Uber

    "What has probably helped me the most in my career that I got from being at UNC and from Kenan-Flagler in particular, was a validation of what I really wanted to do and what I was passionate about by some of the drill down courses that we had. I found that the deeper I dug into the finance curriculum, the more I liked it."

  • Jason Kilar

    Jason Kilar

    AB JOMC/BSBA '93
    CEO, Hulu.com

    "UNC Kenan-Flagler did a very good job educating me about evaluating the current situation in business. 'Is it real'? 'Is it meaningful'? Can we have a sustained competitive advantage?'"