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Valerie Cook Smith

MBA 2002

"Citigroup started this sustainability initiative as the right thing to do, as well as something that enhances our brand and reputation. Now we are increasingly finding that this expertise is an asset when talking to clients. "

Fernanda Abbud

MBA 2004

"To work with sustainability means being able to constantly link many different stakeholders. During the MBA, I developed the communication skills to, for example, promote multi-stakeholder dialogues so everyone at the table comes away happy. (June 2008)"

Chris Strausz-Clark

MBA 2000

"Choosing only to work with people who think and act like you do, many alternative and interesting views are missed. Broader exposure to different points of view is critical to innovation in sustainable enterprise. "

Tucker Bartlett

MBA/MRP 2003

"Kenan-Flagler gives you the opportunity to make connections between the hard skills you learn and how you can use those skills to further the goals of sustainability. "

Evelyn Contre

MBA 2006

"I wanted to work with companies that are taking a holistic approach to how they operate. It's to the point where it's no longer about being a nice guy or doing something that's different or cool. It's just good business. "

Deb Parsons

MBA 2006

"Capital can provide more than just the fuel in the engine. It provides people with a sense of hope. "

Henry McKoy

BSBA 1995

"Fourth-Sector is predicated on relationships with diverse populations of players and collaborators. Kenan-Flagler was a great environment for the kinds of interactions that I have every day. (May 2009)"

Lindsay James

MBA 2003

"For significant sustainability ROI, there must be a cultural shift in a company, inspiring innovation at all levels in the company and generating more savings across the company than one sustainability champion would ever be able to create. "

Brian Chossek

MBA 2001

"When we can tap in to the human potential, we'll begin to see paths to sustainability and new business models that truly create sustainability, rather than incremental improvements based on current economic models. "

Kenneth Ho

MBA/MRP 2003

"The most effective way to protect the environment is not to place it above all other considerations as some do, but to find a way to balance the preservation of it with the development and growth of society. "

Maia Blankenship

MBA 2004

"To be successful, an organization must be scalable, sustainable, and effective. "

Bruno Erbisti

MBA 2002

"As long as people lack a macro-view of the world and think that their actions are not connected to other people or to the future, they will not be motivated to make their operations more sustainable. "

Lisa Shpritz

MBA 2005

"There is a very nurturing environment at Kenan-Flagler. It allows one of my favorite things: to take an idea and bring the right people with the best skills to the table to produce the best product imaginable. "


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