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UNC Kenan-Flagler's MBA degree program features highly coordinated, flexible classes with a global perspective that prepare you to achieve a new level of professional and leadership success in just two years. Students benefit from small class sizes and a core curriculum that is complemented by optional career concentrations, allowing students to craft an individualized educational experience.

Students are assigned to study groups of four to six students during the first year. These groups are carefully selected to maximize demographic and cultural diversity while assuring a variety of career interests and work experiences.

We place heavy emphasis on the case-study method and small group activities in our MBA classes. Students receive an H (High Pass – Clear Excellence), P (Pass – Entirely Satisfactory Graduate Work), L (Low Pass – Inadequate/Unsatisfactory Graduate Work), or F (Fail). MBA students at UNC Kenan-Flagler do not receive rankings or grade point averages (GPA) on a numerical scale. The MBA degree program requires 63.0 credit hours.

MBA Degree Program - Year One

Our year one curriculum provides students more flexibility to pursue their educational and career goals. The year one or core curriculum consists of 15 courses and 3 additional Core Requirements. The first semester is front-loaded to provide the core business skills to become broadly literate in business. Later in the first year, students can choose from an array of more than 125 elective courses tailored to intended careers or summer internships.

Fall Classes Spring Classes
Module I Module II Module III Module IV
Professional Communication
Ethics and Governance*
Ethics and Governance*
Leading and Managing
 Business Strategy
Management Communication: Presentation Skills Management Communication: Presentation Skills
Financial Accounting Finance Managerial Accounting
Financial Tools Operations Elective
Marketing Concepts and Tools
Data Analytics and Decision Making
Elective Elective
Business Statistics
Global Economics
 Elective Elective
Microeconomics Core Case Competition
Teamwork Assessment
Leadership Initiative 

During your first year:

  • You must complete all required core classes. We schedule core classes in small sections of 70 to 75 students to provide individual attention and base them on a business process model.
  • You begin taking elective courses that better prepare you for a summer internship.
  • You must complete the Core Case Competition. This exercise requires you to put together the methods you have learned in your core MBA classes to solve complex problems.

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What is a Module?

A Module (or Mod) is the equivalent of half a semester or 7 weeks of instruction. A Module course is usually 1.5 credit hours (core courses range from 1.5 - 2.5 credits). The MBA Program's academic year has two semesters or 4 Modules.

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