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High Return on Investment

With a Master of Accounting degree from UNC Kenan-Flagler, you are assured that the return on your investment from this degree will pay dividends for years to come. There are a variety of ways to measure these dividends, including:

  • Salary, both starting and long-term growth
  • Security, measured by projected demand for jobs in the profession
  • Overall job satisfaction
  • Speed to market, i.e. the time it takes to earn your degree
  • Growth opportunities, within and outside of the industry
  • Recruitment potential (to lock in your first job!)

These variables, and others, are documented in the charts below. Some of these topics are further explained in a brief article (“Why Accounting Might Just Be the Perfect Career”).

Career R.O.I.

Years 1-3
Years 3-5
Years 5-7
 $60,200 to $77,000
$73,000 to $96,000
$91,000 to $126,500
 Source: Robert Half Salary


Degree R.O.I.

  Law School Medical School UNC Master
of Accounting
Graduate admissions undergraduate GPA requirement (average) 3.51 3.62 3.43
Standardized test average score LSAT (163)
MCAT (Verbal 10.46; Physical Science 10.74; Biological Science 11.04)

GMAT (654)

GRE  (314)

Prerequisite classes required

None required.
Highly suggest well-rounded undergraduate

32 semester hours/ extensive science and labs

None required.
Any undergraduate major (except accounting)

Years in graduate school 3 4 1
Size of class 250 160 140
Total tuition and fees for duration of program $70,031 NC Resident1

$122,461 Non NC Resident1

$83,815 NC Resident1

$199,667 Non NC Resident1

$34,351 NC Resident2

$55,310 Non NC Resident2

Average student loan indebtedness for most recent graduates  $92,726  $90,155  $42,547
Employed three months after graduation (U.S. eligible) 96%3
(9 months after graduation)
98%3 98.1%    
Predicted Job Growth
(# openings) 2008-18
7-13% (240,400)4 20%+ (260,500)4 20%+ (497,500)4
Salary Range
$133,273 to $1.6M5 $141,510 to $2M5 $41,594 to $1.7M5

1 Tuition and fees for 2013-14 academic year, with estimated 5% increase for each subsequent year of the program. Does not include living expenses
2 Tuition and fees for 2013-14 ($29,851 NC Resident and $46,997 Non NC Resident) PLUS maximum summer 2013 tuition and fees based on 12.5 credits ($4,500 NC Resident and $8,313 Non NC Resident). Accounting@UNC tuition is $1311 per credit hour. Does not include living expenses.
3 Class of 2009 Employment Statistics
4 O*Netonline.org
5 Salarylist.com, Attorney Salary, Physician Salary, Accountant Salary

I'm interested...

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