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October 15, 2013

Client applications due
November 1, 2013

Student applications due to GBP **please confirm your schools application deadline with your School Rep - some schools have different application due date deadlines.

November 29, 2013

Selection and Notification of Teams and Clients/Projects

February 7-9, 2014

Launch Weekend in Washington, DC (students, faculty and clients)

February 10 - May 3, 2014

Virtual project work (team, with guidance from faculty and regular contact with client)

May 16-18, 2014

Hub City Weekend in Destination Country (students)

May 19-30, 2014

In-Country Segment (teams, with guidance from faculty and regular contact with client)

Final presentation by the team to the client (no earlier than May 27 nor later than May 30)

DC Launch Weekend Agenda

Sample Agenda from Hub City Weekend

Sample Projects

Client Organization/
Business Issue
What the GBP team did
Global conglomerate - South America - Oil & Gas Division Investigated options for entering alternative energy production in Brazil and recommended best strategy and timeline for roll out
Largest biotech company in the US, which recently acquired a company in Brazil
Articulated a strategy for developing a supply chain pipeline, from new product selection to distribution and exit
A diversified manufacturer of adhesive, coating and motion management products Developed a roadmap that identified and documented key hurdles/requirements to perform an acquisition in Brazil in the oil and gas segment
A large pharmaceutical clinical trials company Provided recommendations on attracting and serving more business customers within Asia beginning with mainland China

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Frequently Asked Questions


When is the course held, and how much credit does it earn?
The GBP is held from mid-January to the end of May, with the bulk of the work conducted from mid-March to the end of May. The course earns academic credit for a full-semester course at the school where the GBP student is earning his/her degree. The exact number of credit varies by school and should be verified with the GBP representative at your school.

What are the destination countries for the 2014 course?
Brazil, China, India and possibly some projects in Latin American.

Do I need to be able to speak the language of the GBP country(ies) to which I apply?
No - the goal is to have 2 team members on each team who have lived and worked in the country where the project is based, or at least are very familiar with the language and/or culture of that country.  But, if you bring something else to the team, e.g. industry or functional area expertise, you will not need to speak the language or be familiar with the country.

Can I choose the destination country I want to work in?
Yes, you can state a preference in your application.

My home country is one of the destination countries, can I indicate on my application that I would prefer an assignment in my country?
Yes, we actually look to place at least two (2) native speakers on each team so we encourage applicants to apply for projects in their home country..

Can I choose the individual project I want to work on?
No, but when you apply, you should mention the type of project you think you would be best suited for and to highlight functional skills or industry experience you are hoping to gain through the project.

When will I know what project I'm assigned to?
In late November, you will get a letter from the GBP Program Office, via your GBP Consortium Representative letting you know if you've been selected for a project and where.

When is the application deadline?
The online student application will be available starting October 1.  Please check with your GBP School Representative to determine the application due date for your school.  All completed applications and supporting materials must be turned into the GBP Program office no later than November 1.

What financial obligations are there to participate in GBP?
A student program fee is USD$3,500** plus travel expenses to get to the DC Launch Weekend and the Hub City Weekend in the destination country.  When you accept your assignment, a USD$500 non-refundable deposit is due with the balance due a month later.  **Please check with your school representative to see if there are any scholarships or funding sources available to help offset the cost of the program.  


What is the staff commitment expected from my company?
Companies commit at least 2 senior managers (one in US, if company has US presence as well as target country presence) to work with team. At least one company representative will be required to attend and work with team during the GBP Launch weekend in Washington, D.C. Friday evening February 7 and all day February 8.  During the project, company representatives can expect to interact virtually at least 3 hours per week with the team February 9 - May 3 and 8-10 hours per week when the team is on the ground in the destination country. (May 20-31)

What does it cost financially for my company to participate in the GBP?
A USD$15,000 per project program fee, plus in-country travel, accommodations, meals (or daily per diem to cover meals) and meeting space with internet for the team.  If the client requests the faculty advisor also be present in-country with the team, the client will provide all room and board plus international travel-related expenses (airfare, visas, etc.) for that faculty advisor.

What if my company does not have an office in the country we are asking the team to travel or do not have the resources to make in-country arrangements for the team - can the GBP Program Office handle those for us?
Yes.  For an additional 10% fee of the total in-country expenses, you can have the GBP Program Office arrange the in-country accommodations and provide your team with a cash card to cover in-country travel and per diem expenses.

What is the average amount of in-country expenses for a GBP team?
On average, a team of 5 members plus their faculty advisor should run around USD$15,000 in South American countries and a little less in other regions (not including faculty advisor airfare).  Companies can save money by utilizing their corporate rates for accommodations and transportation.

What if my company has a project that is not in one of the countries listed?
Please contact Dr. Lynne Gerber (mlg@unc.edu) in the GBP Program Office and she will be able to assist you.

When would our company receive the final project report?
Before returning to the US, teams present final project findings and recommendations to company representatives (by May 30) and will submit the final written report on the day of their final presentation.

What is the application deadline?
Company applications are being accepted now through October 15, 2013. We encourage you to apply as early as possible that way we can be in search for students with the background that your project requires. Please see the How to Apply page for the online application. 

When will I know if my project has been accepted and matched to a student team?
Matching of projects and teams will take place in mid-November and you will be notified of results by late November. If the GBP Selection Committee has been able to assign a team to you, you will be asked to commit, in writing, to the terms to which you tentatively agreed when you submitted your application.

Is it protocol to have the team sign a Confidentiality / Non-disclosure Agreement?
Yes. Each member of your team as well as staff members in the GBP Program Office will sign an NDA for each project team.  NDA Template

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