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Responsibilities & Rights


We expect several things from you as a research participant. If you fail to fulfill your responsibilities detailed below, then we may remove you from our program. Please check the rights section for more information. Your responsibilities include the following:

  • Know what studies you have already done.
  • Do any given study only once.
  • Do not do a study if your prior participation in another study disqualifies you.
  • If you can't make a study session, use the registration email to cancel your registration at least 1 hour before the study begins. More than 3 no-shows is grounds for removal.
  • Arrive on time for your study. Any participant who is late will not be allowed to participate.
  • Do not reveal details of any study you have done to any other potential participant.
  • Do not solicit details of any study from other participants.
  • If you are already a psychology, marketing, or OB graduate student or research assistant, please do not participate in our studies.
  • Check your e-mail before coming to your session. All cancellations and changes will be announced by e-mail.
  • Do not try to participate in a study for which you have not already registered for.


We are committed to treating you ethically and respectfully. A few of the things that you should expect from us are:

  • Canceling in a timely manner. Occasionally a study session must be cancelled after you have registered. In this case, we will attempt to notify you. Please note that you will be notified by e-mail of cancellations.
  • Obtaining your written, informed consent before beginning a study.
  • Treating you like a person of worth during the study.
  • Giving you information about the study at the end.
  • Answering questions that you have about the study.
  • Due process: If we believe that you have not completed your responsibilities as a participant (i.e., not showing up for signed-up sessions), we will notify you by e-mail that you have been found in violation and reserve the right to remove you from the system and future participation in studies.