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Open Enrollment Programs

Leading and Managing Change

  • Dates:    May 24-26, 2017
    Tuition: $4,500

    The UNC Executive Development Leading and Managing Change program trains managers and directors to enhance their organizational management and ensure long-term success by initiating, leading, and managing organizational change. Organizations need to develop a change management strategy to effectively deal with the relentless surge of globalization, the heightened scrutiny from shareholders, and the inexorable impact of technology. A well thought out change management strategy helps an organization maintain and enhance its corporate reputation and meet customer needs while balancing the drive to grow. This Leading and Managing Change program will combine Kenan-Flagler’s extensive research with the experiences of executives on effective and ineffective strategies to teach you how to make informed decisions on organizational change strategy.
















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  • This Leading and Managing Change program is for high-potential and mid-level managers or directors who:

    • Have a minimum of five years of experience
    • Make change management strategy decisions in their organization
    • Manage change implementation
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  • After completing the Leading and Managing Change program, you will walk away with:

    • An understanding of how to recognize when organizational change is necessary
    • The ability to develop and implement a structured approach for organizational change
    • The analytical and communicative skills necessary for organizational change management
    • Organizational change modeling simulations to test potential strategies for change management
    • The ability to apply your lessons on change management to your area of expertise in your organization
    • The ability to recognize the most and least effective approaches to leading organizational change
    • The ability to effectively leverage human assets and accelerate performance
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  • The UNC Leading and Managing Change program incorporates the following key concepts:

    • Developing a structured approach to diagnosing, planning, and implementing organizational change
    • Analyzing and discussing practical tools to help executives lead organizational change
    • Testing the current thinking on managing change, using an organizational change management simulation
    • Applying lessons on managing and leading change that apply to each executive’s area of responsibility
    • Discussing change management strategies that draw from both research and experience
    • Evaluating effective and ineffective strategies to manage resistance to change
    • This three day program includes a module on managing change inside organizations, a module on managing individual change and a simulation exercise.

    Managing Change Inside Organizations

    The module on managing changes inside organizations will help participants:

    • Explore the current change management models and some new models to better understand change
    • Discuss why many change management programs fail to produce change
    • Evaluate the reasons for success of a specific company’s change effort

    Managing Individual Change

    Organizational change is no longer the atypical, but rather the norm. Change is necessary for organizations to survive given the complexities within organizations and industries. People approach change and initiate change based on their preference – an aspect of their personality. Having a better understanding of your preferred style of change allows for increased flexibility and effectiveness in your response to change, while also enhancing your understanding of the reactions of others. The module on managing individual change will help participants to:

    • Experience change management across boundaries in a group activity
    • Learn a model for understanding the dynamics of change
    • Receive and understand feedback on their preferred style of change

    ExperienceChange Simulation

    The ExperienceChange simulation gives participants the opportunity to improve their team, decision-making, and communication skills without risking their reputations. Participants will plan and implement a change management strategy necessary to save a company. With limited time and budget, they must quickly identify the issues, create a change management plan and implement the plan in the face of company-wide resistance.

    After ExperienceChange, participants will be able to:

    • Identify the forces for and against change
    • Use a best practices model to plan for a change
    • Confidently implement effective change management plans
    • Deal with the inevitable surprises that accompany organizational change
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  • The Leading and Managing Change program features many esteemed members of the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School faculty. Listed below is a sample of the faculty and topics that are typically included in this three day program.


    Chris Bingham, PhD, is a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship, Phillip Hettleman Distinguished Scholar, and Area Chair of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. His general research interests revolve around organizational learning, adaptation, growth, innovation and strategic decision making in entrepreneurial firms and firms in dynamic markets. 

    Mike Christian, PhD, is an assistant professor of organizational behavior who focuses on understanding how energy, engagement, self-control and other self-regulatory processes affect behavior at work and how these factors dynamically relate to unethical behavior as well as desirable work performance.

    Sreedhari Desai, PhD, is an assistant professor of organizational behavior who tackles strategic problem solving and decision making in this program.


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  • The Leading and Managing Change program is held at the Rizzo Center, our world-class facility in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The Rizzo Conference Center was designed to foster executive management education and is wired for business so we can integrate new technologies into our teaching methodologies.

    This program can be delivered to individual teams or business units, either at our facilities in North Carolina or anywhere in the world. This program can also be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.« PrevNext »
  • Below you will find links to additional information on the Leading and Managing Change open enrollment program:

    Program Brochure of the Leading and Managing Change program

    Sample Schedule for the Leading and Managing Change program

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