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Open Enrollment Programs

General Business Management

Executive Development Institute
The Executive Development Institute provides participants with an intensive learning experience blending the basics of advanced business with the most recent topics in innovation and strategy. This five day program will give mid level managers the essential tools, focus and knowledge to become strategic business leaders and build a diverse network with other participants.

Leading and Managing Change
In this three day program, you will learn how to make informed decisions on organizational change strategy and walk away with the analytical and communicative skills necessary for effective change management.

Leadership and Effectiveness

Effective Mentoring Program
This leadership program is designed to provide mid-level and senior leaders with the skills they need to be effective mentors.  The two day program will cover the benefits of being a mentor, understanding the mentee, effective communication techniques, and how to overcome common mentoring challenges.

Intentional Leadership - Overcoming Barriers to Reach Your Potential
This two day leadership program will help executives identify and break out of routines and behaviors that may have been effective in the past but are now limiting their personal leadership performance.  You will learn how to lead intentionally by being more focused, deliberate and proactive in your everyday actions.

Leadership Effectiveness Workshop
Over the course of this three day leadership program, you will learn about your own leadership style and maximize your strengths as a leader. In addition, you will be involved in leadership training and activities that will strengthen the leadership qualities essential to being a great leader, both on a professional and personal level.

Leading and Managing High Performing Teams
This unique three day leadership program will explore the importance of team dynamics and provide a structured approach to leading and managing high performing teams. 

Power and Influence

In this two day program, you will explore how to use power and influence to achieve personal and organizational goals, develop an understanding and approach towards organizational politics, and learn how to avoid the common downsides of power and corruption.

Project Leadership: Build a Best-in-Class Project Team

During this three day project leadership training seminar, you will learn how to address the challenges faced in leading projects that standard project management skills cannot solve. 

Resilient Leadership
This two day leadership program is designed to help business professionals become more agile and resilient - offering tools and techniques to overcome stress, avoid burnout, and lead more effectively in the "new normal".  Attending this program will help you to lead with confidence in the face of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Women in Business
During this three day women’s leadership program, you will enhance your ability to make the transition from managing a team to leading a team. Professional women will learn practical skills to strengthen their impact as leaders and will explore the power of networking and self-marketing.

Business Communications

Developing Leadership Presence
In this leadership program, you will explore and refine your leadership presence so that you can lead more effectively in your organization.  Over the course of two days, participants will develop strategies for presenting information in a motivating manner, practice confidence-building techniques, and identify and rehearse 'best practices' for cultivating confident body language and vocal quality.  You will learn to successfully communicate abstract concepts, share best practices and key initiatives, and motivate your workforce.

Enhanced Business Communication through Storytelling
In this two day business communications program, you will practice how to use the storytelling technique to help communicate business narratives to various audiences.  Specifically, you will learn a formula for telling stories that will help you effectively organize and communicate abstract concepts, share best practices and key initiatives, and motivate your workforce. 

Negotiation Skills for Effective Managers
In this two day negotiation strategies program, you will uncover your strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator. You will learn effective negotiation tactics, participate in leadership training, and practice important negotiation techniques with others to enhance your skills and become more effective in your daily interactions.

Strategy and Innovation

Executing Strategy for Competitive Advantage

This three day program has been designed to equip executives with the advanced strategic planning and business decision making skills they need to excel as multifaceted leaders in today’s dynamic business world.

Leading Social Media Strategy
This two day leadership program explores both the promise and potential pitfalls of social media as a channel for organizational communication and decision making. You will gain exposure to the theories driving social media and digital communication and examine current trends and best practices of businesses utilizing social media successfully.

Strategic Innovation for the New Business Environment
In this three day strategic innovation seminar, you will learn about various forms of strategic business innovation and its ability to positively impact organizations on many levels. Learn how cultural change is required to make innovation a business necessity and how you can infuse strategic innovation into your business planning to drive a greater, more sustainable result.

Sales and Marketing

Leading Strategic Sales Teams
This three day sales management program is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and experience that sales managers need to be effective, with tools and frameworks to better manage their organizations' sales forces.

Strategic Pricing
This three day marketing program is designed to give participants the knowledge and tools needed to understand how data and analytics can driving pricing decisions in an organization for maximum value and profitability.

Financial Management

Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers
Over the course of this three day financial education program, you will learn how to interpret and analyze financial reports and gauge financial impact across departments to better understand an organization’s financial position. By the end of the seminar, you will be able to analyze financial and managerial accounting statements and annual reports and understand how financial terms such as liquidity and goodwill are realized.

FinTech Revolution:  Disruption in Financial Services
This three-day program is designed to give insight into the financial technology revolution and how its impact is disrupting the financial services industry. Join a group of like-minded professionals from various industries and backgrounds and dive into these topics with top-ranked UNC Kenan-Flagler faculty and explore the financial technology revolution.

Operations Management

Big Data and Business Analytics
During this three day program, you will gain a solid understanding of the tools of the trade, will become data literate, and will learn a framework for implementing a Big Data strategy within your organization.

Human Capital Management

Talent Management for Leaders
This three day program is designed specifically to help senior leaders better understand talent management so that they can accelerate the leadership development of others in their organization.  This program will provide participant with practical tools to attract great people and develop them into a truly exceptional, high performing team. Taking this program will help you ensure that you build better talent faster.

Talent Management Institute
The Talent Management Institute is a four day leadership program developed to help human resource, talent management and leadership development professionals improve their talent management skills and capabilities. This program is taught by two highly experienced and accomplished Talent Management Practitioners who focus on the art of execution drawing upon their own professional experiences. 

Talent Management Institute 201
The Talent Management Institute 201 is a two day program designed specifically for alumni of the Talent Management Institute that will help participants raise their game and personal impact in talent management and performance management.

Corporate Sustainability

Becoming Green: Effective Sustainability Strategies for You and Your Organization
In this three day corporate sustainability leadership program, learn how to minimize environmental impact, extract value from the increasing prevalence of “green” products and services, and improve your stakeholder relationships inside and outside of your firm. Position yourself and your organization to navigate risks and pursue rewards with sustainable business practices.

Programs for Government and Industry

Depot & Arsenal Executive Leadership Program (DAELP)
DAELP integrates leadership development and management concepts with multiple delivery methods (traditional classroom teaching in residence, online learning, business study tours, and corporate residencies) to provide an exceptional learning experience.

LOGTECH Center of Excellence in Logistics and Technology
LOGTECH offers two in-residence executive education programs.  Both provide an experience that includes instruction by thought leaders from UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School, other leading universities, and the private sector. The LOGTECH executive education programs are designed for DoD, industry, and technology leaders in logistics and supply chain management to develop and improve their knowledge, decision-making processes, collaborative skills, and networking capabilities.  The two courses are interrelated yet are distinct in their levels of instruction, discussion, and application.

  • Program for Executives in Logistics and Technology
    This four day program focuses on strategic considerations from the senior executive perspective and is designed for Flag level military officers, Senior Executive Service (SES) civilians, and CEO/Senior Vice President-level corporate executives.
  • Advanced Program in Logistics and Technology
    This five day program is organized around LOGTECH core logistics objectives and is specially designed for E-9 and O-4 to O-6 military officers, GS 13-15 DoD civilians, and private sector participants at the program and regional director levels.
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