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Club Leadership

Suggested List of Officers and Committees:

It is impossible for an active and relevant club to only have one person in a leadership role. The need for three active leaders is strongly suggested. The positions listed below are suggestions only in regards to titles and duties.

President – oversees responsibilities of all club volunteers, guides the club's calendar of events, keeps Alumni Affairs abreast of club activities and works with the local General Alumni Association club. Additionally, the President should always be thinking about recruitment and succession.

VP, Events – presides in the absence of the president and is responsible for overall planning and running of all club events including workflow and event evaluation forms.

VP, Communications – is responsible for club event announcements, keeping minutes at meetings, and advising Alumni Affairs of contact information changes for alumni.

Additional Roles:

Webmaster – will create and manage the club's web site. In smaller clubs, this role may fall within VP, Communications. Alumni Affairs will work with this person to train on KFBS hosted club web site.
*This is a vital role and helps keep local alumni aware of club activity and scheduled events.

Venue Scout – scouts out potential venues for upcoming events. In smaller clubs, this role may fall within VP, Events. May work with other area alumni to use corporate space. This person will look at menus, conference and banquet facilities, price lists, etc. and negotiate special group rates.

Speaker Recruiter – will research and create a list of potential speakers in your area: leaders in business development, banking, investing, management, marketing, health care, education, local writers, artists, etc. In smaller clubs, this role may fall within VP, Events.

Recruiting and Developing Club Leadership

Developing New Leadership

It's important for current club leaders to continually cultivate new people to assume leadership roles as people's involvement with the club changes.

The following are ways to encourage leadership succession:

  • Encourage other members to become involved by including them in event planning
  • Educate and encourage members who have leadership potential and/or have expressed interest in getting more involved
  • Seek out alumni who regularly attend meetings and events and encourage taking a leadership role
  • Send out a club email newsletter and encourage participation by "new members"
  • Work with Alumni Affairs to capture contact information for new alumni who have moved to the area
  • Encourage alumni to participate in events and let them know leadership opportunities are available
  • Maintain a clear and consistent message and constant enthusiasm

Selecting and Engaging Successful Leaders

In selecting a person for a specific project or committee:

  • Determine availability of the alumnus
    • If time is limited, encourage them to work on a one-time task e.g. assist with an event or welcome party
    • Gauge their commitment to the project
  • Get to know members and find out their areas of expertise and interest
  • Encourage the involvement of a variety of age groups and degrees in all club leadership roles
  • Present a clear picture of what needs to be accomplished
  • Recognize each individual's contributions!
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