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Sample Timeline
for Club Events

Successful programs and events require good planning and budgeting. An annual event plan and individual timeline should be developed for each event. Responsibilities should then be assigned for implementing each activity to one of the club's members.

Below is a recommended timeline for event planning:


  • Determine number of events for the year
  • Assign Event Coordinator for each event

Sample Event Calendar:

  • "Welcome Event" combined with GAA, Rams Club, UNC Development (September)
    • Invitation extended to all alumni with emphasis on "new" alumni to area
  • Fall Networking Social (November)
  • Spring Admitted Students Event (March/April)
  • Summer Intern Social/Networking (June/July)
  • Annual Dean's Reception*
  • Club Signature Event*

*For Applicable Clubs

12 to 16 Weeks Out

  • Choose the type of event, speaker and/or topic
  • Confirm the date and speaker*
  • Identify and confirm your venue location*
  • Plan your budget

*Alumni Affairs will review contracts if you have questions

10 to 12 Weeks Out

  • Contact Catherine Nichols at Alumni Affairs, 919.962.3596, to coordinate your timeline and discuss marketing strategies to include:
    • Online Advertising on Club Web site
    • Mass email to all area alumni
    • Alumni Affairs event listing
    • Mailed event invitations (if necessary)

8 to 10 Weeks Out

  • Get the online registration link from Alumni Affairs to use with your promotion of the event

6 to 8 Weeks Out

  • Identify catering needs; place an order if the scale of your event requires this type of timeline
  • Identify any audio/visual needs
  • Identify any collateral material requirements
  • Identify any signage
  • Locate and contract with local vendors for the above needs*

*Alumni Affairs will review contracts if you have questions

4 Weeks Out

  • If needed, order A/V services, microphone, projector, screen, internet connection, laptop, etc.
  • Club sends an email to all appropriate markets - including online registration link
  • Invitations should be in the mail (if necessary)

2 Weeks Out

  • Call club leadership members who have not responded to the RSVP
  • Send another email publicizing the event
  • Re-loop with caterer, speaker, event venue etc.
  • Coordinate name tags with Alumni Affairs

1 Week Out

  • If registrations are low, send another email out – use Last Chance to Register as the subject line
  • Ask volunteers to call friends and encourage them to register

3 to 5 Days Out

  • Send confirmation email to all registered attendees
  • Finalize guest count with venue and caterer
  • Determine how many "walk-ups" can be accommodated
  • Finalize name tags with Alumni Affairs

Day Prior to the Event

  • Pull all event materials together for the event (nametags, registration lists, signs/banners, tape, pens, scissors, sign-in sheets, camera, business card "drop bin" etc.)
  • Make one last mental run-through of the event

Day of the Event

  • Volunteers should arrive at least one hour prior to the event for room and registration table set-up
  • Expect some guests to arrive 30 minutes before the official start time
  • Track on-site registrations and no-shows
  • Collect up-to-date contact information, especially emails – an easy way to do this is have a basket for business cards with a sign saying "Drop your business card here"
  • Greet guests
  • Take pictures
  • Welcome guests and introduce speaker (if applicable)
  • Allow time for Q & A (if applicable)
  • Give speaker small gift of appreciation (if applicable)

Day After

  • Write a thank you note to speaker
  • Fill out the Event Feedback form and send along with list of attendees to the Alumni Affairs office
  • Hold a de-briefing meeting with the Club Committee
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