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Junior Transfers for Business Majors & Minors

Transfer students are an integral and vibrant part of the Carolina community. They bring a wealth of diversity and experience and enhance the overall experience for all students, faculty and staff.  In the UNC Kenan-Flagler Undergraduate Business Program, we understand that transferring is a complex process and have outlined the below policies and guidelines to help transfer students make informed decisions and achieve as smooth a transition as possible. 

Transfer students must first be admitted to UNC Undergraduate Admissions prior to applying to the Undergraduate Business major or minor. Students must spend at least one semester (fall) in the College of Arts and Sciences before they are eligible to start at the business school (students apply early in their first semester at UNC). All students (transfer or not) must complete all business school prerequisites before they are eligible to start in the Undergraduate Business Program. While students may be completing their prerequisites in the term during which they are applying, admission priority is given to students with fewer prerequisites remaining at the time of application.

Junior transfer students are defined as anyone transferring to UNC-Chapel Hill entering their fifth term of residence in the fall semester.

Junior transfers:

  • Are strongly encouraged to consider the undergraduate business minor over the undergraduate business major. It is much more reasonable for a junior transfer to be able to complete the requirements for the minor in their allotted four semesters both in terms of prerequisites and core courses. Business minors receive all of the benefits as business majors (alumni network, access to our global program opportunities and career development initiatives, etc.), are highly sought after by recruiters and achieve the same employment placement rates as business majors.
  • Should know that admission to the Business School is extremely competitive. We only admit approximately 50 percent of our applicants each year. Please review our eligibility requirements and our class profile. Given the undergraduate business application process, students who are currently enrolled in business programs at other four-year institutions should think carefully about their decision to leave these programs.


Interested in the Undergraduate Business Major:
  • Must have one or fewer business school prerequisites remaining by the end of the UNC second summer session before they matriculate for the fall semester at UNC. In other words, we will not admit junior transfer students with more than one remaining prerequisite on their fall UNC class schedule.  While not required, please know that summer school might be a good option for some students as many of our prerequisites are offered in the summer months.  More than 75 percent of UNC students participate in summer school at some point throughout their four years. UNC Summer School provides transfer students with an excellent opportunity to acclimatize to life in Chapel Hill as well as the UNC academic environment by taking one or two courses before taking a full course load during the fall semester. We will accept online transfer credit from an equivalent Carolina Courses Online for all prerequisites except BUSI 101.


Business School prerequisites are:

ENGL 105 English composition and rhetoric 
ECON 101 Introduction to Economics (a hybrid macro/microeconomics course)
MATH 231 and MATH 232
Must transfer in both Calculus I and II or will be required to take a calculus course at UNC
STOR 155
Introduction to Statistics
ECON 410
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory 
BUSI 101 (or BUSI 107 if taken in summer school)
Managerial Accounting


  • Must request to take up to two core business courses in the first fall semester. Applicants can do this here. While there is no guarantee that seats will be secured in two core classes, completing the survey the day it opens (at 8am the day before classes begin), provides the highest chance of securing one or two classes. Students interested in finance must request BUSI 408 – Corporate Finance. Students interested in Marketing must request BUSI 406 – Introduction to Marketing. Other options for core courses are: BUSI 407, BUSI 410, BUSI 403, BUSI 404, and/or BUSI 405. Failure to take one or two core business courses in the fall semester will make it challenging to complete the degree requirements in three semesters.
  • Should submit a Transfer Equivalency Credit Review form for business courses as soon as you accept your spot at UNC (you will be prompted to submit a course syllabi with this form). While most transfer equivalencies will be determined through Undergraduate Admissions, the business school makes all decisions on business class transfers.  You should allow up to three weeks for a decision. 
  • Must apply by the September 1 deadline (application opens on July 1).
  • Should plan on securing a summer internship the summer after the junior year.  More and more, employers are making their full-time hiring decisions from their internship pool. Students should plan time for an internship search as well as time over the summer to complete the internship.
  • Are expected to complete the degree requirements in the number of terms granted upon admission. UNC expects students to graduate in a total of eight terms (including the number of terms brought in from the previous institution). Transfer students should not come to the program with the expectation that they will be granted an additional (ninth) semester. We do, however, entertain requests for an additional (ninth) semester if requested in the eighth semester. Common reasons for securing an additional semester include more time needed to complete major requirements and desire to study abroad.

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