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Program Overview

Top 10 Master of Accounting (MAC) degree offered in two formats:

  • On-campus (CampusMAC):  12 month, full-time, on-campus degree geared toward non-accounting majors.  Business, liberal arts and science majors are all eligible.  You cannot have more than 12.0 credits of accounting to enter the program because it is geared for non-accounting majors.*  Historical job placement of 95% or higher.
  • Online (Accounting@UNC):  15 month, full-time, online degree, open to both non-accounting majors and students with accounting-heavy backgrounds.** Sophisticated and interactive online format including small section sizes and a sense of community.  Includes an optional winter internship with firms.  Same access to campus recruiting.  First class to launch July 2015 with a required Chapel Hill immersion in June 2015.   

* For CampusMAC, if you are uncertain about your undergraduate credits, please upload your transcripts within the application portal and then email us at mac_info@unc.edu so that we may review your education records before you proceed with submitting your application.

** For Accounting@UNC, students who enter Accounting@UNC with an accounting-heavy background will receive a personalized curriculum that incorporates additional business coursework and/or waivers for courses they have already completed. In these situations, the total credit hours may be less than the program's standard 45-hour format.

To learn more about either of our program formats, please contact us at .

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Both the CampusMAC and Accounting@UNC curriculum can be viewed below. Courses and dates are subject to change.

The Ideal Candidate

Recruiters tell us that the type of students they want for their firms, company and organizations must possess more than the ability to crunch numbers. Therefore, the MAC Program seeks highly motivated candidates who possess the following skills:

  • Strong critical and analytical thinking aptitude
  • The ability to achieve sustained high performance in an organization
  • Depth of character encompassing integrity, teamwork, community and a passion for learning
  • Extraordinary communication and interpersonal skills that show a desire to learn how to improve the way you interact, listen and resolve conflict

Admissions Criteria

UNC Kenan-Flagler's Master of Accounting program is one of the nation’s best, ranked in the top 10 amongst graduate accounting programs. Therefore, we seek well-qualified students -- students who will be the future business leaders.

Admissions Selection Criteria
Key strengths
- Leadership and organizational abilities
- Communication skills
- Interpersonal skills
- Teamwork abilities
- Track record of results
- Drive and motivation
- Analytical skills and problem solving ability
- Prior academic performance
Work experience No work experience is required.
Prior coursework There are no prerequisite courses for applying.


International Applicants

Because UNC Chapel Hill can only extend its resources to a limited number of qualified international students, admission is highly competitive. International student applications are reviewed on an individual basis and final decisions on admissibility are determined only after all factors and credentials related to an applicant's educational background as well as other admission criteria have been considered. The international student's application should demonstrate thorough and excellent preparation for studying in the U.S. Meeting the minimum admissions requirements and criteria may not be sufficient to be considered for admission. Due to the highly competitive nature of the admissions process, UNC Chapel Hill may restrict admission to those international applicants who are permanent residents of the U.S. and have studied at UNC Chapel Hill or another U.S. university all four years of their undergraduate studies.

Special Note

Due to immigration regulations governing employment, international students enrolled in the Accounting@UNC format are not eligible to participate in campus-based employer recruitment events or internships in the U.S.

Read details on these restrictions.




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