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Meet Our Alumni

Amit Singh

Evening MBA Class of 2003

Title: Founder and CEO

Company: Spectraforce Technologies, Inc. - Raleigh, NC

"This was a life-changing experience for me. When I arrived, I was reluctant to speak up, but the leadership development class helped me change how I interact with others."

Avi Bhagtani

OneMBA Class of 2010

Title: Manager, Global Software Services

Company: Broadcom Corporation - Raleigh, NC

"If you look at today’s globalized business world, there’s no way you can have a single-dimensional approach. OneMBA made sense to me."

Gianluigi Moroni

Weekend MBA Class of 2011

Title: Senior Director, Business Development

Company: bioMerieux SA - Lyon, France

"The MBA gave me exposure to the aspects of business. This helped me develop a more strategic approach to problem solving, and expanded my career options."

Patrick McGowan

Evening MBA Class of 2011

Title: Product Manager

Company: IBM LotusLive - Research Triangle Park, NC

"Every time you have the chance to apply an assignment to your work, take it! When you apply what you learn to your job, it benefits everyone. "

Tesa Oechsle

OneMBA Class of 2006

Title: CFO

Company: Lord Corporation - Apex, NC

"As CFO, you’re sitting at the table with all the players - technical, legal, human resources, marketing, sales, and operations. My MBA gave me the skills and confidence to lead all these different business functions toward financial success."

Britt Petty

OneMBA Class of 2012

Title: Director Engineering

Company: Amgen, Inc.

"OneMBA allows me to get the global business skills I need in a format that fits my situation."

Alan Golding

OneMBA Class of 2012

Title: Resource Manager

Company: World Bank

"As a South-African studying in America, I appreciate how OneMBA gives me an opportunity to share my international perspective while learning about American business culture and practices."

Ryan Yorkery

Evening MBA Class of 2011

Title: Program Manager

Company: Fidelity Investments - Cary, NC

"I really liked UNC’s curriculum. I was specifically drawn to the plethora of elective courses they offer. And the faculty was amazing."

Mike Harley

OneMBA Class of 2010

Title: Group Director, Business Development

Company: The Coca-Cola Company - Atlanta, GA

" I learned more from working with global teams than I ever expected – from setting up a global conference call to understanding the impact of cultural differences."

Ge Guifarro

Evening MBA Class of 2012

Title: Senior Accountant

Company: Bayer CropScience LP

"I believe an MBA from a top-ranked program will make me more adaptable in the international business world, and it lets my leadership team know that I'm seriously focused on my career."

Dennis Docherty

Weekend MBA Class of 2005

Title: Director, Worldwide Marketing Services, Construction and Forestry Division

Company: Deere & Company - Moline, IL

"Earning my MBA was one of the most challenging experiences of my life – and one of the most rewarding. The folks at UNC understood that business is about managing relationships."

Annie Bing

Evening MBA Class of 2010

Title: Director, Strategic Development

Company: PPD, Inc. - Morrisville, NC

"Before the program, most of my work involved individual research. Now, I’m leading teams! I’ve also led multiple strategic planning projects at both the corporate and business unit level."

Alex Ogle

Weekend MBA Class of 2012

Title: Merchandising Director

Company: Lowe's Companies Inc.

"I view an MBA as a way to prepare myself to be the next generation of leadership. Job performance is the key metric for advancement. When I apply what I learn in class, I elevate my job performance. It’s that simple."

Robin Moser

OneMBA Class of 2012

Title: Management Officer

Company: U.S. Department of State

"I've lived on four continents, and worked on three. A traditional business program would have never captured the international aspects that I need to relate to on a daily basis at work. The global format of OneMBA is ideal for my lifestyle and career goals."

David Long

Weekend MBA Class of 2012

Title: Business Manager

Company: New Hanover Regional Medical Center

"I don’t have the patience or the time that it would take to learn what I needed to learn on-the-job. I chose to accelerate my learning with an MBA so I would have the skills to make a difference immediately."

Anna Penner

Evening MBA Class of 2012

Title: Director of Business Development

Company: Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina

"Higher education is something I’ve always wanted to achieve before starting a family, and I want the options an MBA has the potential to give me throughout my career."

Marty Uczen

Weekend MBA Class of 2009

Title: Corporate Strategy Director

Company: Duke Energy - Charlotte, NC

"When I looked around at others in my organization who were successful in their careers, I realized there were some gaps I needed to fill - particularly in finance, strategy and operations. Earning an MBA helped me round out those areas."

Ed Robinson

OneMBA Class of 2009

Title: Vice President, Operations Analytics & Support

Company: Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corporation - Raleigh, NC

"In OneMBA, I learned to look at business more strategically. I no longer just analyze the numbers and facts. I think about where we want to go and how we can build a solid roadmap to get there."

Wilkes Graham

Weekend MBA Class of 2012

Title: SVP, Equity Research Analyst, Real Estate

Company: Compass Point Research & Trading, LLC

"The program has already had a positive effect on my career. I’ve sharpened some key quantitative skills that have helped me better analyze the value of companies."

John Flagg

Evening MBA Class of 2012

Title: Partner Account Manager

Company: Microsoft

"I believe to stay competitive in the marketplace you need to constantly reinvent yourself. An MBA will help me expand my skills so I can explore other careers, including entrepreneurship. And I'm meeting people who can help me reach those goals."

Erika Stinson

Evening MBA Class of 2012

Title: Product Manager

Company: Genworth Financial

"It’s always been a personal goal to earn my MBA. I love learning and am constantly challenging myself to grow, personally and professionally."

Connie Benton

Weekend MBA Class of 2010

Title: Exchange Negotiator

Company: ExxonMobil - Washington, D.C.

"Pursuing my MBA demonstrated my ability to successfully manage multiple situations: work, family, and EMBA. Just prior to graduating, I was offered a promotion. The UNC MBA was definitely a solid investment."

Kevin Walsh

OneMBA Class of 2012

Title: Project Director

Company: The Shaw Group, Inc

"I chose OneMBA so I can learn the skills I need to implement new ideas that will help my organization succeed in the global arena."