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490 Business Topics in Latin America

Course Description:   

This is an intermediate-level Spanish course designed for students who are interested in developing a more technical vocabulary while honing  their presentation skills as we focus on concepts related to Megaprojects in  Latin America.  Heritage speakers, students who have studied in a Spanish-speaking country for at least one semester, and those who have attained an equivalent level of linguistic competency (i.e., SPAN 204 or 265) are welcomed and encouraged to take this course.  Students will take part in class discussions, group and individual oral presentations, and compile a writing portfolio (at least ten journal entries, essays, or blogging) of a Megaproject of their choice. We have selected authentic materials (articles, videos, business case, proposals, feasibility studies and letters, among other documents) that explore the realities and challenges facing megaprojects in Puerto Rico, Peru, Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica.  Students are also expected to investigate their own megaproject and present their findings at the end of the course.

Our main course goals are to provide a forum where students promote their speaking, listening and writing skills, develop technical vocabulary needed to carry a discussion or deliver information about a complex subject and enhance their overall self-confidence in their language skills.

This program is supported by a Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) grant from the U.S. Department of Education.