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Mini-grant Awards

Faculty/Ph.D. Awards

Spring 2014

Hyeong-Tak Lee
Marketing (Ph.D. candidate)
“Investigating Diffusion of Multi-Generation Products Across Nations”

L. Lin Ong
Marketing (Ph.D.  candidate)
“Excellence in International Marketing Instruction: Development of Class Materials”

Fall 2013

Sreedhari Desai
Organizational Behavior
“Religious Accessories, Moral Identity Symbolization, and Ethical Behavior in the Workplace”

Spring 2013

Saravanan Kesavan
“Capacity and Inventory Decisions in the Global Auto Supply Chain”

L. Lin Ong
Marketing (Ph.D.  candidate)
“Social and Economic Networks of Kenyan Microfinance Clients”

Fall 2012

Isaac Dinner, Tarun Kushawa
“Impact of Firm Misgivings on Stock Market Reaction: A Cross-Country Investigation”

Atul Nerkar, Kevin Micelli
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
“The Fast and the Rechargeable”

Spring 2012

Arvind Malhotra
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
“Value Innovation in IT Services: Beyond Capabilities Maturity”

Douglas Shackelford, Eva Labro
“Tax-Efficient Global Supply Chain Management”

Fall 2011

Lisa Jones Christensen
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
“Building an International Microfranchising Database”

Venkat Kuppuswami
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
“The Effect of Bribe Payments on Competitive Advantage around the World”

Spring 2011

Chris Bingham
Entrepreneurship & Strategy
“Learning from Heterogeneous Experience: The Internationalization of Entrepreneurial Firms”

Nandini Lahiri
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
“Alliance Portfolio Configuration: Does Worldwide Knowledge Distribution Help or Hinder? Evidence from the Global Semiconductor Industry”

Carolyn Taylor
Marketing (Ph.D.  Candidate)
“A Cross-national Investigation of Customer Satisfaction with Local and Global Firms”

Courtney Wright
Management and Corporate Communication
“Extending the Business Communication Center’s Reach in BSBA and MBA Cross-Cultural Initiatives”

Fall 2010

Tim Flood
Management and Corporate Communication
“Intercultural Communication Initiative: Developing Teaching Materials”

Amal Joshi
Strategy and Entrepreneurship (Ph.D.  Candidate)
“Lost in Translation: How Language Differences Impact Knowledge Transfer Between Partnering Organizations”

Tarun Kushwaha
“Firm Capabilities and Financial Performance: A Cross Country Intervention”

Nandini Lahiri
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
“Cross Border Search for Alliance Partners: Evidence from Global Semiconductor Industry”

L. Lin Ong
Marketing (Ph.D.  candidate)
“An Investigation of Response Characteristics in Emerging Markets Using Mobile, Web, and Telephone Surveys”

Student Initiative Grants


UNC Kenan-Flagler Retail Club
“Globalizing the Retail Conference”
Expanding global content of a conference

UNC Kenan-Flagler International Business Association
“Globetrotter: Expanding Reach and Impact”
Information sessions about selected countries

UNC Kenan-Flagler Net Impact
“Celebration of International Women’s Day: Preparing Female Leaders for Global Roles” Screening of documentary

UNC Kenan-Flagler Africa Business Alliance
“Leading in the Frontier: Africa’s Next Leaders”

Carolina China Network
“Duke-UNC China Leadership Summit”

GBC’s mini-grant program is supported by a Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) grant from the U.S. Department of Education.